Anita’s Way & Times Square Public Art

Collaborating with ChaShaMa, NE has been working in the through block between One Bryant Park and 4 Times Square for years. In late 2012 we began to consult on new uses for the space and developed an ongoing relationship with Times Square Alliance. Since then have worked to fully outfit the space for grander scale visual art and avant garde performance.
Since July 2015, it has become a vibrant incubator for performance and visual art. Our team is now in its 2nd full year as curators and producers of all public programs at Anita’s Way and we’re proud to have worked with local and global talents. We generally present free public shows and installations between 6 and 12 days per month, at least 6 months out of the year. ChaShaMa remains the driving force in providing artists the space to create. And lots more can be found via Facebook or Instagram, using @AnitasWayArt and @chashama
Featured Installations:
>Art of Everyone / Summer 2017
>Shadow People Project & Hiroshima Anniversary by 1 Future / Summer 2016
>Elsa Marie / Summer 2015
>Frank Stella:Outstanding Installation / Fall 2014
>Art-a-Porter Fashion Week Events / September 2014
>Nearness by Arles Del Rio / July 2014
>Goodbye My Love by Esterio Segura / Spring 2013
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