AT&T Connect Ability Challenge

Inspired by the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we were engaged to produce our farthest reaching partnership with AT&T New York yet – a technical design challenge that included developers from 23 countries and covered more than a dozen events across numerous institutional, small business, and public policy partners.

Norton Edwards produced first run digital content, regional and national media and development events, hackathons and workshops, as well as a grand finale at historic Federal Hall in Downtown NYC with Senator Chuck Schumer – awarding more than $100K in prizes to amazing talents. We also served as the jury and exemplar liaisons, serving the 4 talented volunteers that inspired the entire challenge.

We succeeded in direct partnership with the Ability Lab at NYU and the Rehabilitative Engineering Society of N. America (RESNA), as well as off-site collaborations including danger!awesome and the MIT Assistive Technology Club (Cambridge, MA), Johns Hopkins University Design Day (Baltimore, MA), the University of Wisconsin-Stout (Menomonie, WI), The Startup Weekend and American Underground (Durham, NC), the Center for Accessible Technology (Berkeley, CA), and TechWildcatters (Dallas, TX).

Solutions crossed the spectrum of cognitive, social, sensory, mobility disabilities and public policy.

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