ChaShaMa Annual Gala & Exhibition

For 22 years ChaShaMa has been fulfilling its mission to provide artists with ‘space to create.’ In the best example of marrying form and function, the newly created Anita’s Way through block at One Bryant Park became the home of their annual gala in 2009. Since then it has hosted the most innovative development event on the calendar, employing the best of its partner performers and artisans to showcase in this unique venue near Times Square.

In 2015 and 2016 we turned the event on its head once again, taking over the entire 4th Floor of 4 Times Square – the former Conde Nast headquarters and created a 20-room gallery and performance experience for guests to ‘choose their own adventure’ and Discover ChaShaMa. Then in 2017 we took over 50,000 square feet in 4 Times Square and created gallery spaces for over 150 artists for another incredible event. We’ll be back in June ’18!

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