The Great DUMBO Drop

Our long-time partners at the DUMBO Improvement District had a dream in Spring 2017 – how do we launch thousands of toy elephants off the roof of a building in an effort to benefit neighborhood schools and businesses. They made the right call.

Together, with sponsorship from BID partners, food and drink from local restaurants, a home base at the famed Gleason’s Gym, and amazing musical talent like the Dock St. Dancers, DJ Kai Song, Fogo Azul, and awesome kids activities led by Creatively Wild.

With support from local NYPD and generous access and support from Two Trees, we let ’em fly with our amazing team managing street logistics, stage and vendor production, and of course rooftop elephant handling. The winning elephant hit its target on Washington St and its owner was a local student who received a generous prize package. Looking forward to a new annual!

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